Dayo before her trim…

Today, Jordy from JRO Photography (shameless plug: sent me photos of Dayo taken on May 12, 2013, before she was clipped. Now that she’s trimmed, it’s hard to remember how many and big the bald spots were on her body as the hair fell out in chunks. Jordy’s photos are a good reminder of the terrible condition her coat, skin and body were in.

With the clipping, the love, good food, and a daily moisturizing, Dayo the carrot hound looks better every day. Now that all the burnt and bleached out hair gone, it’s hard to tell where the skin stops, and the fur begins.

Day May 12 2 Dayo 1 may 12 Dayo May 12 3 Dayo May 12 4 Dayo May 12 5


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