Doing the bounce

I have been longing to do gridwork with Dayo, and have been putting it off in case she’s “just not ready”. Realizing that this may be more rider consternation than Dayo consternation, I’ve decided that today is the day.

In reality, we’ve been working over basic gymnastics for some time with Margie, and on our own. Today’s exercise will follow up on an exercise Dayo and I worked on last week – trot poles to a cross rail to a “bounce” pole.

Today, we’re going to attempt the real thing. Our ultimate goal is this gymnastic:

Simple grid work diagram Slide1

Because this is new for us, I will be building the grid as follows: trot pole to cross rail to bounce pole. One stride to oxer poles, three strides to cross rail poles, one stride to vertical pole. All jumps will be low to start so we can find our balance.

As we master the grid, I will build each fence up. First up will be the bounce, and we will work toward the end of the line. Our goal will be a happy, balanced and calm session, with no lip flapping and no “grand national” attempts. My awesome videographer Emma is not able to attend today, so updates will be on my honour only. Video to come at a later date!


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