This is the story of Dayo (Home by Dark), who came into my life through Canter ON, a rescue organization.

Every day for several years I scoured the horse rescue pages, poured through the horses offered through thoroughbred retirement, rehoming and rehabilitation organizations. I have visited (and shared) auction sites regularly, donated to horse rescues, promoted stories, and done what I could to help.

I am not a farm owner. I do have a passion for helping others, and a heart as big as my wallet is small. I connected with Canter ON late in 2012. One day, mid-April 2013, I saw this picture of Home by Dark, one of three thoroughbred mares owner-surrendered to Canter ON. I looked at this sorry mare:

Dayo before she came home...

Dayo before she came home…

Fast forward three days, and I am driving north to Innisfil. I arrive at the farm, and walk around the back. There is a bank barn, some paddocks, a couple of silos. In a makeshift paddock/backyard (complete with some pretty dangerous-looking small tree stumps, plastic toys, and wire, and completely devoid of hay and water) there were three thoroughbred mares.

They were walking skeletons, completely absorbed in an internal twilight of starvation. I watched as they meandered along, vague, distant, without personality. I patted the mares, talked to the owners, talked to Canter ON. It was impossible to leave one of those horses. Before I knew it, I had made arrangements to pick up Home by Dark the following Saturday and bring her home.

Dayo at the bad place

This blog is about a very special mare, the adventure we have, and a dream come true.


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